Bathrooms / Kitchens

Bathrooms / Kitchens

Style, Comfort, and Functionality

Most of us either start or end our day in the bathroom. Sometimes both. But whether you go in for wake up showers or wind down baths, the quality of your bathroom can make or break your day. Luxury and comfort are perhaps nowhere as important as in the bathroom. Jamkat Constructions is the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Tweed Heads specialists in practical and impressive bathrooms. We can turn dull, plain, worn out bathrooms into polished tile shrines you can be proud of. With chrome and porcelain modern fixtures and reliable plumbing, Jamkat Constructions transforms bathrooms with ease and expertise to fit your vision of perfection. And we do so at reasonable prices, in good time, with our comprehensive quoting system and no hidden costs. Because if you are going to be comfortable anywhere, it should be your bathroom.

If you demand the best in bathroom renovation and don’t have time for hidden costs and delays, Jamkat Constructions is for you.

Call us on 0413 152 065 and arrange an obligation and fee free quote based on a detailed discussion of what you want out of your bathroom renovation.

Inspirational Kitchens

Cooking good food is a creative process. Jamkat Constructions creates the perfect functional, spacious surroundings to inspire you. A kitchen is a necessity and not having use of it can be a serious inconvenience. We keep this in mind in our planning and renovation process to have your new and improved kitchen ready prompt and on time. Starting with an accurate upfront prediction of when you can expect work to be completed, our workmanship is efficient, personal, and second to none.

Have your kitchen remodeled at a fair price. From Gold Coast to Brisbane to Tweed Heads, Jamkat Constructions is best in the business. When it comes to kitchen renovation, don’t settle for anything less. Demand the best.

Make better food in a better kitchen.

Our kitchen specialist will meet with you in your home and personally assist you with the overall design, features, colouring, materials eg: bench tops, tiling, splashbacks & products best suited to your design ideas and budget. We will provide you with a 3D diagram/image allowing you to see the kitchen that has been collaboratively designed allowing you to visualise the size, space & functionality of the kitchen.

Call Jamkat Constructions today on 0413 152 065 to arrange a free quote and have your kitchen renovated with minimum inconvenience.